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PP Takes on the Fringe: Sunday the 28th of August!

15 Aug

Hey ladies and gents, want to help promote our cause at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival? Well, come along in your official PP t-shirt on Sunday the 28th of August, strike your best poses and smile for any passing cameras! We are hoping for a good turn-out, so please come along and show your support.

Don’t have a t-shirt yet, but want to order one? Just e-mail or to place your order!


First Survey Goes Down a Storm in Aberdeen City Centre

14 Aug

Area Rep for Aberdeen, Catherine Allard took to the streets of Aberdeen City Centre on August the 13th for Perfectly Petite’s first (of many) survey day to build up a picture of what the shopping public want from the modelling/advertising industry. True portrayals perhaps? It is the shopper’s wants and needs that might win out at the end of the day after all if the industry wants to survive in this current economic climate. Perhaps there is a market for the honesty store front? We’ll see in time once numbers are crunched…

In the meantime, the wonderful Merlins-Images (R John Hughes) have sent us some pictures of Catherine and Co. on the go.



Well done and thanks for all your hard work!

The Last Few Weeks…

10 Aug

So what have our busy team been up to recently then?

We have changed out email to, so please send any inquiries there instead of our old live account as there have been some password issues with it. We also have a brand-spanking new YouTube  channel, to update all of the fabulous videous of our team doing their thing. Follow the link below to check it out.

Nicole Abbott had a meeting with MP Pete Wishart on Friday 5th August, at the Perth SNP office. He supports what we are trying to achieve and is planning a publicity stunt/shoot. It was supposed to be tomorrow, unfotunately, however it has had to be called off due to the riots in England, meaning he has to go back to parliament in London.

Meanwhile, our lovely Area Rep for Aberdeen, Catherine Allard  took to the streets of Aberdeen City Centre on August the 13th with Perfectly Petite’s first ever survey, the results of which will be published just as soon as they’re all tabulated, so watch this space!

Eilidh Ellery has designed us a logo, which has been turned into great t-shirts and banners, etc. And the gorgeous Namate Sililo and Nicole Abbott had a promotional photoshoot with those t-shirts in Dundee with wonderful photographer Douglas Kerr and MUA Charlene Buist. The rest of the resulting publicity shots can be found here.


Want one too? Let us know!

And there are many more exciting things to come…