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Calendar Postponed

17 Sep

Unfortunately, due to a variety of setbacks including unreliable models and MUAs, etc. letting us down, not turning up and changing their minds about being involved at the last-minute; and lack of support from our original chosen charity, we have had to take stock of the realities behind creating a marketable calendar for 2012 and have decided that it is not viable at this time.

Thank you so much to those who were dedicated and involved and did turn up to the shoot. Do not fear, we will be using those images for promotional purposes and we have an event or two in the initial planning stages that mean all everyone’s hard work won’t be going to waste. All models involved will still get the beautiful images we created together for their portfolios and first refusal for involvement in our 2013 calendar if they are still interested.

We are currently in talks with another charity to get said 2013 calendar off the ground, as well as a couple of very exciting events. More info coming soon, watch this space!

Special thanks goes out to…

Our lovely models:

Rhianna Bain

Gemma Chan

Kathine Chan

Jayde Wright

Lauren Whytock

Lisa Mcee

and Natalie-Crystall Davidson;

Our Photographer Eilidh MacMillian,

MUAs Stephanie Kerr and Katie Ford,

Hairstylist Shane Goldie,

Designers Eilidh Ellery and Claire Henry,

And last, but not least, Nicole Abbott, our hard-working organiser.

We are sorry that things have turned out as they have, as we are still learning the ins and outs of trying to produce something as ambitious as a saleable calendar. However, we hope that this necessary delay with pave the way for bigger and better things in 2013!