Doesn’t “petite” mean super skinny, why are you promoting anyone above a size 8?

No, petite certainly does not just encompass those who are a size 8 and below; that is entirely ignorance talking. Yes petite means small, but it’s a height thing, and is not about weight or body-shape at all. Petite models are women and men below the industry standard heights of 5ft 7″ and above for women and 6ft and above for men. In reference to petite clothing ranges for women, they are supposed to fit 5ft 3″ and below. Petite men don’t even get that concession sadly. We are all for healthily proportioned people and a positive body image. We do not promote anorexic or bullimic models and are doing everything under our power to change that view.

What is average height then?

In the UK for women it is 5ft 4″, whereas for men it is 5ft 9″ or 5ft 10″. Worldwide average height varies, however, only the Dinaric Alps are above 6ft (by just one inch) for men, with the second tallest average height being 5ft 11″ and the most petite males coming from Indonesia at just 5ft 2″. Similarly, the tallest average height for women worldwide is only 5ft 6″ (still an inch below industry standard) and the smallest being 4ft 8″.

Are you and agency?

No, we are a non-profit model support group and campaign to promote models below industry standard height and raise awareness for petite modelling.

Can you get me work in the industry?

Again, no, as we are not an agency we cannot guarantee you any work within the fashion industry and we cannot get you a contract; that is entirely up to your own hard work and dedication, though we can help you to build a portfolio to show to agencies through our various promotional or charity activities and photo shoots.

So what can you do then?

We can offer you help, support and tips. We can, with your help and dedication to the cause, change the way petite models are viewed within the industry. We can promote healthy body image and diversity.

What can I do for you?

Join our facebook group and constructively participate in discussions on our forum, follow us on youtube and twitter, read our blog, come along to events, give us your time and support and much, much more besides. Just get involved!

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