Eilidh Ellery: Designer

Eilidh Ellery

In-House Designer

5ft 2.5″


At just under 5ft 3″ as a model I would struggle to find work because of both my height and my above-average measurements for an industry standard model. In addition to this, because I am a little bit on the alternative side, I would find it even harder to gain even commercial work as my looks are not exactly catalogue, let alone high fashion.

Luckily, as a costume, textiles and clothing designer, I am in a position to work with a variety of very beautiful and talented models of all kinds of shapes, heights, ages and sizes; but I particularly enjoy working with petite models. Being so short myself, I feel it would be terribly hypocritical to only design for tall people, especially as it does not fit my ‘brand’ identity and personal values. I definitely agree that the industry standard is unfair, does not encourage diversity and should most certainly be changed. The UK average height for females is 5ft 4″ and for males it is 5ft 9″ or 5ft 10″, so why is it that the fashion industry only represents those who are above 5ft 7″ for women and above 6ft for men? Rediculous!

As a Perfectly Petite promoter, I fully support the ideals and philosophy of this group and will do my utmost to see that it is as sucessful as possible. It is an extremely worthy cause after all, the fashion idustry should represent a healthy, achievable beauty for the average person and celebrate the whole spectrum of humanity, not just a very small percentage of it.


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