Nicole Abbott: Founder

Nicole Abbott (Model)


5ft 6″

I am Nicole Abbott, a Professional Scottish model with over four years of experience and I am agency represented in Brighton, Bristol, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Worcester. I have been sucessful enough to have the opportunity to work in Europe and Vancouver.

As a petite model myself I have found it most challenging when competing for work with models that the fashion industry tend to prefer (tall models). This has made me even more determined to succeed and happily compete against taller models as I believe that everyone should be given the same chance as each other. A petite model in my opinion can do just as good a job as any other model. Everyone is entitled to fashion therefore everyone should have an opportunity to promote it and to express themselves through it. We live in a society where we are expected to treat everyone the same, lots of other industries are changing and removing barriers therefore why can’t the fashion industry do the same.
Through a lot of other models contacting me with the same problems regarding height I was determind to make a change and became the founder of Perfectly Petite. If you share similar views to everyone else on here please feel free to join.

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