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January 2012 Update

8 Jan

Appologies for the lack of activity here over the festive period, I am now getting stuck into tackling the backlog. If there’s any promotional shoots or events I’ve missed out on, please let me know!

So, what has Perfectly Petite been up to since the Dreghorn shoot? Well, we’ve had a busy old time here with shoots and video/photo editin; much of which will become available over the course of the next week.

Firstly, we had a fantastic shoot with Gavin McLaughlin Photography at the DJCAD studio in Dundee, so huge thanks goes to him, as well as our wonderful MUA’s Susie Bloice and Sophie Alexis, our designer Emily Gough and our models:

Nicole Abbott

Gemma Chan

Lauren Whytock

Shannon Stewart

and Eilidh Ellery

We also had a fun little Christmas themed shoot in Dundee with Douglas Kerr (who has also been busy doing some individual member PP location shoots), so thank you once again for you hard work Douglas. And  a big thank you to our models:

Nicole Abbott

Lauren Whytock

Shannon Stewart

Melanie Lowe

and El Carcary Low

So here’s wishing you a very belated Happy Holidays and New Year!


Dreghorn Studio Promo Shoot a Roaring Sucess!

24 Nov

On Saturday the 19th at Dreghorn Studios in Glasgow our promo shoot with photographer Duncan Holmes and designers Karen Reid, Velvet Elvis, Psychomoda, C. Watson and Fi MacKay of Eleanor’s Riot. With stunning work from MUAs Gary Somerville, Carla Gordon and Poppy Coe; as well as Hairstylist Lesley Docherty. Also, a first time appearance as a stylist for Lisa Heidigger and her assistant James Blatner. Rounded off with Journalists Jill Geoghegan (The Edinburgh Reporter) and a team from the Glasgow University Guardian, it made for quite a full house. Thank you all so much for making it such a success!

And not forgetting, a big thank you to our models:

Nicole Abbott

Gemma Chan

Namate Sililo

Jo Dutton

Tammy Gibson

Lesley Clark

Becky Weatherly

Rhianna Bain

Lisa McEwan

Behind the scenes photos by Dasha Miller of the Glasgow University Guardian can be found here, whilst those from Lisa/James can be found here and there will shortly be further images from Dreghorn Studio’s own Stewart Dreghorn.

Behind the scenes footage as videoed by Eilidh Ellery will be available on our YouTube channel just as soon as she’s finished editing the well over 4 hours of footage into an acceptable YouTube-length video… or maybe two. Good luck with that Eilidh!

Events for November so far…

13 Nov

Up-Coming Events:

  • 19th of November, Glasgow Promo Shoot with Duncan Holmes
  • 26th of November, Dundee Promo Shoot

Check out our events pages for more in the future!

Calendar Postponed

17 Sep

Unfortunately, due to a variety of setbacks including unreliable models and MUAs, etc. letting us down, not turning up and changing their minds about being involved at the last-minute; and lack of support from our original chosen charity, we have had to take stock of the realities behind creating a marketable calendar for 2012 and have decided that it is not viable at this time.

Thank you so much to those who were dedicated and involved and did turn up to the shoot. Do not fear, we will be using those images for promotional purposes and we have an event or two in the initial planning stages that mean all everyone’s hard work won’t be going to waste. All models involved will still get the beautiful images we created together for their portfolios and first refusal for involvement in our 2013 calendar if they are still interested.

We are currently in talks with another charity to get said 2013 calendar off the ground, as well as a couple of very exciting events. More info coming soon, watch this space!

Special thanks goes out to…

Our lovely models:

Rhianna Bain

Gemma Chan

Kathine Chan

Jayde Wright

Lauren Whytock

Lisa Mcee

and Natalie-Crystall Davidson;

Our Photographer Eilidh MacMillian,

MUAs Stephanie Kerr and Katie Ford,

Hairstylist Shane Goldie,

Designers Eilidh Ellery and Claire Henry,

And last, but not least, Nicole Abbott, our hard-working organiser.

We are sorry that things have turned out as they have, as we are still learning the ins and outs of trying to produce something as ambitious as a saleable calendar. However, we hope that this necessary delay with pave the way for bigger and better things in 2013!


The Last Few Weeks…

10 Aug

So what have our busy team been up to recently then?

We have changed out email to, so please send any inquiries there instead of our old live account as there have been some password issues with it. We also have a brand-spanking new YouTube  channel, to update all of the fabulous videous of our team doing their thing. Follow the link below to check it out.

Nicole Abbott had a meeting with MP Pete Wishart on Friday 5th August, at the Perth SNP office. He supports what we are trying to achieve and is planning a publicity stunt/shoot. It was supposed to be tomorrow, unfotunately, however it has had to be called off due to the riots in England, meaning he has to go back to parliament in London.

Meanwhile, our lovely Area Rep for Aberdeen, Catherine Allard  took to the streets of Aberdeen City Centre on August the 13th with Perfectly Petite’s first ever survey, the results of which will be published just as soon as they’re all tabulated, so watch this space!

Eilidh Ellery has designed us a logo, which has been turned into great t-shirts and banners, etc. And the gorgeous Namate Sililo and Nicole Abbott had a promotional photoshoot with those t-shirts in Dundee with wonderful photographer Douglas Kerr and MUA Charlene Buist. The rest of the resulting publicity shots can be found here.


Want one too? Let us know!

And there are many more exciting things to come…