5 minutes with… Nicole Abbott, Katy Cowan, March 2011

Sublime Rush, Online Digital Magazine

Perfectly Petite: An interview with Nicole Abbott, March 2011

Join the campaign for petite modelling, July 3rd 2011

Perfectly Petite – Not all models are giants, July 31st 2011

Petite Inverness models protest at height rules, August 25th 2011

Perfectly Petite, September 5th 2011

Nicole shows that petite can be perfect, September 22nd 2011

(Same Article as above linked on

Perfectly petite Campaign for real fashion models, Jill Geoghegan, November 21st 2011

Meet Nicole Abbott founder of Perfectly Petite, Radhika Sathe, January 9th 2012

Life Through a lens for Largs snapper, Largs & Millport Weekly, January 18th 2012.

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