The Last Few Weeks…

10 Aug

So what have our busy team been up to recently then?

We have changed out email to, so please send any inquiries there instead of our old live account as there have been some password issues with it. We also have a brand-spanking new YouTube  channel, to update all of the fabulous videous of our team doing their thing. Follow the link below to check it out.

Nicole Abbott had a meeting with MP Pete Wishart on Friday 5th August, at the Perth SNP office. He supports what we are trying to achieve and is planning a publicity stunt/shoot. It was supposed to be tomorrow, unfotunately, however it has had to be called off due to the riots in England, meaning he has to go back to parliament in London.

Meanwhile, our lovely Area Rep for Aberdeen, Catherine Allard  took to the streets of Aberdeen City Centre on August the 13th with Perfectly Petite’s first ever survey, the results of which will be published just as soon as they’re all tabulated, so watch this space!

Eilidh Ellery has designed us a logo, which has been turned into great t-shirts and banners, etc. And the gorgeous Namate Sililo and Nicole Abbott had a promotional photoshoot with those t-shirts in Dundee with wonderful photographer Douglas Kerr and MUA Charlene Buist. The rest of the resulting publicity shots can be found here.


Want one too? Let us know!

And there are many more exciting things to come…


Small Steps: Sunday 3rd July

1 Jul

On Sunday the 3rd of July, Tay-FM is holding a charity walk through Cash For Kids in Carnoustie to raise money for life-changing surgery for Ayley and Chloe; twins with cerebral palsy. Some of the Perfectly Petite team is going to be there and we are hoping to film it for our new Youtube Channel.

Even if you’re not up for the walk iteself, please, please, please come out in force and show your support for everyone taking part and cheer them on (and donate whatever you can manage)! Come along and help two beautiful little girls to walk!

More information is available here: Small Steps

And you can also donate here


A Note From Our Founder

17 Jun

Hello and welcome to Perfectly Petite .

I am Nicole Abbott, a Professional Scottish model with over four years of experience and I am agency represented in Brighton, Bristol, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Worcester. I have been sucessful enough to have the opportunity to work in Europe and Vancouver.

As a petite model myself I have found it most challenging when competing for work with models that the fashion industry tend to prefer (tall models). This has made me even more determined to succeed and happily compete against taller models as I believe that everyone should be given the same chance as each other. A petite model in my opinion can do just as good a job as any other model. Everyone is entitled to fashion therefore everyone should have an opportunity to promote it and to express themselves through it. We live in a society where we are expected to treat everyone the same, lots of other industries are changing and removing barriers therefore why can’t the fashion industry do the same.

Through a lot of other models contacting me with the same problems regarding height I was determind to make a change and became the founder of Perfectly Petite. If you share similar views to everyone else on here please feel free to join.

Nicole Abbott